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19 and counting…

Countdown to August 1st is nearing its end, 19 days before switching company cars.

Goodbye Opel Insigna:


Hello Audi A5:



I like hatchbacks (or Sportsback in Audi speak). I like multi-spoke wheels. Only this time a went from a dark color to a bright color.

It’s rather funny how similar and how different the perception of these cars can be. My 82 year old mother sees no difference except for the color. Multiple question from her “what is different son?” stayed unanswered. But others think these two cars are worlds apart. As the Audi has a different “brand value” then the Opel I respectfully interrogated my boss several times whether it was an acceptable choice. He saw no issue. But as you guessed my dear reader, it certainly did raise an eyebrow or two.

The w8 is over…

As a photo hobbyist I had to make a beautyshot. Shot just before sunset to get the warm tone and reflections.

Just Out Of Curiosity…

Surfing the net, awaiting delivery of the Insignia, I had a look at some kind of GM website. Pictures of the Insignia, the EXIF of the files showed they where shot with a Phase One 45+. Enough pixels in the file for a print, so why not.