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This Blog

This site started on a low power VIA EPEA system put together from spareparts.

But things have improved in time and since february 2011 the hardware consists of a dual-core quad-core system with loads of resources…but tweaked as much as possible to consume as less power as possible. That was mostly achieved by: spindown of harddisks, load-depending cpu throttling and removing some hardware that was not needed.

The server is running FreeBSD version 6.4, 7.2 8.0 8.1 8.2 8.3 with the usual Apache, MySQL and PHP/Perl stack and ofcourse some other software like Postfix, Dovecot, Squirrelmail RoundCube, ClamAV, ASSP and the Squeezeboxserver to stream audio to the HiFi set. …..and not to forget WordPress.

Since the last hardware update 3 FreeBSD instances are running as a guest under VMware ESXi.

Early 2012 I replaced one of the FreeBSD VM’s with a Ubuntu install, fact was that Logitechmediaserver (Squeezeboxserver) was not maintained in the FreeBSD ports collection and getting Triode’s Spotify Plugin to work always needed some special care and attention. under FreeBSD.

The server is thethered to the Internet via an 1Mbs uplink (50Mbps somewere 2013 as I signed up for a 50Mbps symmetric fiber connection mid-2012 I opted out of fiber because of a hefty price increase even before the digging started), but that should not be a problem: it only needs to serve up text/html as all images are mostly hosted on Flickr and you will be using their bandwidth to pull in the images :-)

July 2012 I added the Headway meta theme to this WordPress install to get a more custom look and feel.