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Monthly Archives: February 2012

No Words #73…

Maastricht, 2011


Where is Apple taking iMac/OSX towards? Even more life-style computing (to keep this remark a bit friendly).

I think that my next PC (no, not soon, in 2 years or so) most likely will be a Windows machine again.

Windows 7 used at work is running stable and smoothly, which has rebuild some confidence I lost and Apple is heading down a direction I don’t like or at least I get no warm feelings about.


Life is too short…

Well another month, sorry, 2 months went by…..life is short for sure.

The speakers described below, well I moved in another direction (easier to build) but I’m slowly returning to the concept and design as shown in the posting below. I’m not in a hurry to finish the build, it should be a project I can spend time on, nothing to be done with within a 100 hours or so.

In the meantime…..I sold my camera…..yeah, you guessed it right… I got myself queued up for a Nikon D800….will I be taking better photographs? hell no! but it will sooth my mind  :-)  Anyway, this looks like a camera I’ll stick with for a longer time (sorry nikon), I can’t imagine any upgrade into teasing me to upgrade again. More frames/second? no, don’t need that. Even more megapixels? no, don’t need that. Clean ISO 25600? no, don’t need that.

The day before I sold my camera I took it out for a last farewell, well to be honest the daytrip was scheduled well ahead of any D800 announcement. One of the last few photographs:

Margraten, Febr 2012.

There was one little, but annoying, lens flare that I took care of in Photoshop (A 11×17″ print for you if you can tell were).

Played with LR4 Beta and even though it now has soft-proofing I’ll stick with Photoshop for now. Aside many other things, the Canon photoshop plugin for printing is just too nice to let go and I can’t care much for the LR stuff that comes after ‘develop’.