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Monthly Archives: November 2008

View from a room…

November, 2008


New job ahead. I’m leaving the financial services industry and will return back to the manufacturing world. I’m currently wrapping up my work, have a few days off later this month and next month I’ll start in my new job.


30mtr down the road…

First roll of paper used up, 30mtr (17″ wide) in about 7 month…never printed that much in the darkroom, also replaced 1 ink cartridge and another expected within a few days: grey and lightgrey. Not strange if the majority are B&W prints. Ordered a new roll of the Ilford paper and also another roll of the Innova paper. Despite lots of people like the Hanhemuhle paper I’m not very impressed with most of their papers as they have a texture. I don’t like texture in paper, it distracts you from what is printed on the paper. Canvas you ask? Yuck I say.

Near Eyserheide, 200?